Exchange and return

We carry out every order with special care and care. When ordering from us, you can always count on excellent quality. We try to do our best to ensure that you get the best result.

We use very delicate, perishable and seasonal products in our gifts. In this regard, the company reserves the right to change 20-25% of the goods while maintaining the total value and type of gift. In case of substitution of goods in the basket, the customer will be informed without fail.

We would also like to draw your attention to the fact that different florists have their own style of decorating gifts and compositions, which to an insignificant extent can affect the appearance and direct correspondence with the photograph.

Work with returns

  1. Complaints about the inappropriate type or quality are accepted within 24 hours from the date of receipt of the order.
  2. Complaints with a description of the problem and photos must be sent to our mail In the message describing the problem, it is important to attach: 1) a photo and / or video demonstrating the discrepancy and a brief constructive description of the problem or unsatisfactory form; 2) the customer’s phone number (requests without a number or with an incorrect number are not considered); 3) order number (requests without an order number or with an incorrect number are not considered).
  3. After receiving a complaint, we will contact the Customer within 24 hours to receive notification of receipt. Based on the results of the investigation of the incident, no later than 10 working days from the date of notification, the Customer receives a substantiated response to his complaint.
  4. Upon confirmation of the discrepancy in the quality of the goods, we will refund the entire amount in full within 7 working days or replace it with a good quality product.

In what case the complaint will not be considered

  • Emails with profanity, threats or insults to employees are deleted and not considered at all.
  • If the customer’s phone number and / or order number is incorrect.
  • If the customer’s phone number and / or order number is not specified.
  • If more than 24 hours have passed since the customer received the gift.

Reasons for refund or resend

  • Upon receipt of stale goods (flowers, fruits, products with an expired shelf life). The procedure for filing a complaint in this case is given above.
  • In the absence of some components in the order and / or in poor quality gift design.
  • Poor service provision: the order, through the fault of the company, was not delivered on the day specified by the Customer. This clause does not apply to cases of delivery on holidays and pre-holidays.

Other provisions

  1. The parties are exempted from fulfilling their obligations under the contract in the event of special circumstances that can be qualified as “force majeure”, which do not depend on any of the parties and subject to legal documentary justification of the occurrence of these circumstances
  2. Gift baskets, fruit baskets and flower arrangements with replacement and agreed with the customer are considered completed.
  3. Any low-quality component of the product, except for flower products, is replaced free of charge.
  4. The company does not provide guarantees for the performance of free services, including:
  • photo at the time of delivery (even in case of poor-quality photography, the service is considered to be provided, the recipient may refuse to take photographs, in which case the service cannot be performed);
  • notification of order status or completed delivery via sms and e-mail. The reasons for the lack of notification can be malfunctions of telecom operators, an overflowing phone or mailbox memory, an incorrect phone number or e-mail address, etc.
  1. In case of a request by the Customer “Call the Recipient”, the priority is the time specified by the Recipient.
  2. If the Client chooses the option “Do not call the Recipient” and if the Recipient is absent at the specified time at the address, re-delivery is performed for an additional fee.

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