About us

ElegantSurprise is a gift delivery service in Kiev and Kiev region. We are a young and very attentive company to our clients. Confidence in excellent quality, attention to detail, the best service and love for our own business are what distinguishes us from other companies and are our undeniable advantages. One of the main principles of the company is a strong desire to give joy and impressions to people.

Each person, with the approach of any holiday, thinks about gifts for loved ones. Every holiday, every year, requires creativity. It is necessary to come up with different interesting gifts, but how to come up with all this and be in time everywhere? We took care of everything for you and thought of the most versatile gifts for the most popular holidays. You can always count on us. Even if you have not found a suitable gift in our assortment, we will always help you make a choice or create a new one.

We love giving gifts

Couriers at ElegantSurprise don’t just give away the goods – they give gifts to your family and friends. And although we cannot replace your presence, we are trying very hard to create the “right” mood and give them a piece of your love.

It is worth noting that it is not necessary to give gifts only for the holidays, you can just make a pleasant surprise to loved ones and give the mood any day. And we will take care of all the details.

We take care of gifts at all stages

When receiving supplies, storing, forming gifts and delivering them, florists and couriers treat all gifts with special care and tenderness. That is why gifts, when received, always look very neat and appetizing. We always guarantee 100% quality on all goods and gifts we deliver. You should entrust everything to us and not worry about the result. We guarantee positive emotions!

Our values

The values ​​of the company as a whole and of each employee individually are focused on the quality and speed of the services provided. We value every client and do our best to ensure that you get what you are looking for, all of the best quality.

24/7 work

We try to maintain uninterrupted delivery of gifts around the clock so that you can delight your loved ones at any time convenient for you and theirs. If you order a gift on time, you can congratulate your family and friends late at night or early in the morning, congratulate the birthday people first at 00:01 or last at 23:59, order delivery to your home, office or airport.

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